Clutch-starting My Car

Once again my thoughts are moving towards misuse. Last week’s column, Overextended, could be seen in the same light. This theme resonates so much with me because many of the difficulties people face are direct results of some misuse or overuse of a beneficial trait, gift, talent, or skill. How often do we implement emergency mechanisms into everyday use?
“Emergency Exit Only: Alarm will sound” is one example. The door is not to be used for regular entry and exit. But clutch -starting my car is a real life instance where I caused a several hundred dollar repair by not doing a $60 correction.
I had a 1976 Dodge Champ when I was in college. A gasket leak allowed oil to get into the starter. I changed the starter, but didn’t fix the leak. I probably didn’t feel like delaying the starter replacement job by going to get the gasket. So off I drove.
Yes, a couple of months later, the starter went out again. I had this bright idea. “I will just clutch -start the car. There are enough hills in Birmingham so I won’t have to push it very often.”
One day, it started and cut off after a couple of seconds. Again and again I did this. The jig was up.
I had to pay for a tow to the mechanic. He discovered I had ripped all of the teeth off of the timing belt. Now I had to pay for a starter, gasket, and timing belt job.
The moral of this story is, it is normally less costly to fix the initial problem than to find a way to avoid dealing with it.
Whatever isn’t functioning properly in your individual life or in your relationships, get it repaired, soon. Say, “I’m sorry” today, if you know you need to. Start working on the project today, rather than wait until its almost due. And by all means, don’t use clutch-starting in place of the designed method.

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Ro>1 Wise is the man who is hard on himself and easy on others. Small-minded is the man who is easy on himself and hard on others. Personally dogmatic about my life and forward motion, without trying to impress on everyone else the same standard. I hope we will all get there, though. I find, in every day life situations and interactions, ways and means to challenge my own perspective and world view. The goal is continued personal growth while challenging those who are interested in my thoughts and findings.

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