We Don’t Have To Forfeit

Don't Forfeit

There are more definitions and meanings of the word, forfeit, that I knew. I offer two definitions to best capture my intent here. Forfeit – something to which the right is lost or surrendered as a penalty, as for commission of a crime or misdeed, neglect of duty, or violation of a contract. I had only though of forfeiture as losing something that one should have been able to keep.

My wife and I had the privilege of going to see the Harlem Globetrotters a couple of weeks ago. We know them as a comical basketball team that puts on shows of magnificent ball handling while handily beating their opponents – every single game. A reading of their history revealed that initially they were an actual professional basketball team who competed in a league, winning and losing like all of the rest of the teams.

Anyway, as this comical show game progressed, after the half, the opposing team’s coach began calling fouls which caused several of the Globetrotter players to be ejected from the game. The referee kept warning the Globetrotters that they would forfeit the game if they got below five players – the number required to field any team.

I immediately thought, “Wow. They are at risk of losing a staged game!”

How many times have I forfeited a victory which was already given to me through some act or behavior that disqualified me from staying in the battle?

Part two next week…

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