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Perfect Record vs Perfect Season

As I listened to various reports on the NCAA Championship game, I kept hearing references to a perfect season and a perfect record. The comparison caused me to wonder about winning in life. A perfect record, by default, will result in a perfect season. But can you have a perfect season without having a perfect record? Can you win the championship without winning every game?

Going into the game, Gonzaga was 31 – 0, and Baylor was 27 – 2. Half of the NCAA aficionados wanted Gonzaga to finish the season with a perfect record and were rooting for them. The other half were rooting for the underdog. I’m kidding… 27 – 2 is not an underdog record and neither team has won the NCAA title.

I’m not a gambler nor a sports enthusiast, and really didn’t keep up with the March Madness or the college basketball season. Listening to all of the analysts and specialists it was easy to understand how tight the game could be. Both teams had the whole season riding on this one. But somehow this became about a perfect record. The experts made it sound like Gonzaga was playing to have a season with no losses – a feat that hadn’t been accomplished since 1976.

In pregame interviews across the board, the coach or team captain or spokesperson will say, “We are going to focus on this game…” Maybe Gonzaga was too focused on the season record instead of the final score of this one game.

I am not over pontificating. I honestly have no idea what was on their minds and don’t really have a dog in the fight. I do want us to think about this in the context of our everyday lives, though.

How often do we lose a battle because of too much focus on the war? How many projects don’t quite get completed because we are beginning to plan the next one? How many times have we called ourselves – or someone else – a loser because of one battle defeat while the war is still raging?

Don’t spend so much time concentrating on the perfect record. The prize is the game today. If you win the victory, a few losses along the way will not detract from your perfect season.

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