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Driving On Your Spare Tire

donut driving

This relates very closely with “when your Plan B becomes your Plan A,” which signals that there is no longer a sufficient back-up plan.

For those who don’t know, for many, many years most cars have only come with a donut spare tire. Some higher end cars come with a full size spare. As well, any person purchasing a new car can request and pay for a full size spare tire.

In real terms, I want to correlate life with driving on your spare tire and not repairing the flat in the real tire. I say real tire versus the donut, because the donut is not a real tire. The manufacturer states that the donut tire is only to be driven on for 50 miles. Many specialists and technicians suggest discarding the donut if you have driven on it substantially farther than they recommended 50 miles. What this tells us is that the spare tire is not designed for constant use and is not a replacement for the full-size tire.

The same holds true for our back-up plans. Granted, some Plan Bs are complete alternative plans – full size spare. But more often than not, back-up plans are to get us over a bump in the road in our full life-plan. The object of a back-up plan, or donut tire, is to keep us on our journey long enough to get back on the real tire. Without a donut plan, you will be stuck on the shoulder until some help can arrive – either with a satisfactory spare tire or to go get the flat tire fixed and return to the break down place to put it on. Both of these scenarios waste much precious time.

Here is what happens, all too often. And this really applies to the full size spare, too. We get deterred. We put the donut on the vehicle. We don’t create a Plan A to get the original problem fixed or replaced. We drive on the back-up plan, the donut, until it wears out. (Remember, it is not designed to use in place of the original tire.) When the donut wears out, we need someone to veer off of their Plan A in order to help fix our Plan A and Plan B. And depending where we are on our journey, there can be a severe cost to us and the person who is able to help us. And don’t let the donut tire blow out. Then we need may end up needing a wheel bearing, rotor, tie rods, and even some body work.

If you must use the spare tire, Plan B in life, donut or full size, drive straight to the tire repair shop so you can get back on your Plan A. Unless you have a great Plan C.

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