Back to Normal

Back to Normal

After the Holidays

“Whew, back to normal,” we say.

What is normal? Is our “normal” good? Is our “normal” useful and life-giving? Does our “normal” reflect what we say we believe about ourselves being socially conscious and culturally aware? For those who are called children of God, what does our normal look like?

The basic definition of “normal” is: conforming to a standard; usual; typical, or; expected.

To whose or which “normal” does my life conform?

Most people live fairly close to the center of what is usual and typical of our community. Generally people “normally” find themselves fitting into society wherever they can. We emulate our perception of success. We strive to not be too different, so we just sort of go along to get along.

Growth and success continually challenges us to become uncomfortable with our “normal” so we will embrace change and seek a higher normal.

In society, “normal” has changed repeatedly since creation. In fact, we have adopted Heraclitus’ philosophy which says, “The only constant is change,” or, “There is nothing permanent except change.” He lived 475 years before Christ in Greece. He spoke what he observed.

In one sense, he is correct. We are ever changing, growing, living, dying, learning, etc. But this philosophy does not line up with the Word of God as it relates to our attitudes and behaviors towards God and one another.

George Benson sang, “Everything must change. Nothing stays the same. Everyone will change. Nothing and no one stays the same…” The chorus said, “There are not many things in life you can be sure of, except rain comes from the clouds, the sun lights up the sky, and hummingbirds do fly.”

Well, that may be normal for people and societies. But truth does not change. God does not change.

God expects us to change once – from unbeliever to believer – then remain constant in Him.

That is “normal” for a child of God; conforming to His standard.

For a child of God, there is no, “back to normal.” We should never depart from His normal.

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Ro>1 Who are you infecting? Who is infecting you? Wise is the man who is hard on himself and easy on others. Small-minded is the man who is easy on himself and hard on others. Personally dogmatic about my life and forward motion, without trying to impress on everyone else the same standard. I hope we will all get there, though. I find, in every day life situations and interactions, ways and means to challenge my own perspective and world view. The goal is continued personal growth while challenging those who are interested in my thoughts and findings.

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